SERVITUDE:TTRPG - Alpha Build Released

First devlog post! This is my first time using to publish a project.

I have been working on a collection of (semi) original tabletop roleplaying games (amidst other things) and this is the first one I feel comfortable sharing.

This is the very first version of the ALPHA build of the game and it is frankly unplayable as far as I'm concerned, but hopefully the 60 pages of context and ideation within are enough to garner interest and inspire imaginations and creativity.

I'm open to feedback and criticism, but I'm not currently looking for major assistance or suggestions at this time.

I'm an illustrator by trade and a practiced writer. Storytelling, game design, and illustration are my passions, so I hope to continue working on this (as well as other projects) and improve them down the timeline.

Thanks for any and all who come across this and give it a read, and even more thanks to anybody who takes a peak at my first game.

Here's to an adventurous new year.


Jan 15, 2023


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