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Hello World! My name is Raine!

As a big part of my artistic practice, I want to produce art books! This book is still a 'shortbook draft' and is a minimum viable product for a larger concept. Everything in this book was developed for September 2023rd's "Swordtember" where I drew a swordsman for each of the 30 days of September! This book contains character art, swords, descriptions, and little else, ultimately, but in the future I will be dropping a full release of this project with comics, character interactions, sketches, worldbuilding localized to each character, and a refined layout.

You can pick up this book for free, or send a few bucks my way if you'd like to support an independent artist.

If you enjoy this work and want to see more things like it, you can follow me here on ITCH but also, feel free to follow me on my social media platforms. I'm WYRAINE on Instagram, Cohost, Tumblr(X), Linktree, and soon enough Patreon and Ko-Fi.

Thanks for stopping by and have a nice day.


Sword's Drawn Collective: Shortbook Draft 36 MB
23 days ago

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